AIRWAAVE Teleservices Pvt. Ltd is a new age technology and communications solution provider.

Headquartered at Bangalore, we are a team of innovative, enthusiastic & dynamic personnel from diverse verticals, united by a common mission to deliver diligent solutions in revolutionizing the era of digital communication.

Headquartered at Bangalore, AIRWAAVE Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. is a new age technology and communication solution provider.

We are a line-up of innovative, ingenious and enthusiastic team of dynamic personnel from diverse verticals integrated with a breath-taking mission who can deliver diligent solutions in revolutionizing the era of digital communication.

AIRWAAVE Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. marked its stupendous beginning on November 2010 with its initial stages of research and development and has taken up various challenges in bringing out creative dreams to eality.

Our product and services portfolio includes segments such as wireless cloud communication, Media, Advertising and Entertainment

AIRWAAVE Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. strives firmly with an awe-inspiring insight in conveying simplified networking solutions in line with the ever changing technological challenges.

We believe that our endless search for new solutions will help us accomplish our epic milestones seam-lessly with splendid ease.

Our Vision & Mission

Airwaave Teleservices Pvt. Ltd. is all set to revolutionize the Indian recharge industry.

Backed by novelty, authenticity and creativity in every endeavor we are poised to deliver a dynamic technology platform that will benefit both retailers and end-users irrespec-tive of the service provider.

ONE TOUCH RECHARGE REVOLUTION, as we rightly call this concept is aimed at providing both the retailer and the end users a 'one stop solution' to recharge any communication and satellite network which in turn can provide the easiest and indeed the most effi-cient strategy than any existing solutions available.

This can give an integrated and convenient solution to the current recharging mechanisms offered in mobile and DM services.

Our Industry

We currently operate in South India - Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil nadu, Kerala. Recently Goa and to start with, we deliver our solutions to rural and urban communication market which at any given point of time can satisfy the requirements of retailers across South India - Karanataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil nadu, Kerala. Recently Goa.

We are aiming at accomplishing maximum retailers in a month during the first phase of this venture. In the subsequent phases we are prepared to double this goal every month.

With this mind-blowing concept retailers now have the privilege of having single mobile device for recharging varied service providers. I.e. a single device will deliver all the recharg-ing requirements for the retailer.

We are pompous about Me new technique which will surely turn out to be too trend setter and will remarkably revolutionize the way any customer has been recharging for his/her mobile in today's scenario.

The end users will be provided with the luxurious facility of recharging their Mobile at any retail shop using Airwaave Teleservices Pvt. Ltd.

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New age technology and communication solution provider

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